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Frequently Asked Questions

A musician or band site is the only place you can truly brand and own. It connects you with your fans, helping you sell music, display tour dates and much more. Subwoofr is dedicated to music and all functions are designed and targeted to help you simply create a beautiful site, where you can connect with, engage and sell to your loyal fans.

How much does it cost?
You can try Subwoofr for free for 14 days (no credit card required). After this, should you wish to continue, Subwoofr costs €20 / per month or €200 / per year (equating to €16.67 per month). There are also a minor transaction fees on music sales of 5% + 35c (euro) to process payments and transfer the proceeds into your account. These prices include taxes.
Do your websites work on tablets and mobile devices?
Yes. Subwoofr sites are completely responsive and look fantastic on tablets and mobile devices. Your fans can even stream and download your music on these devices.
I have a domain registered somewhere else. Can I use it on Subwoofr?
Yes. It's easy to set up existing domains. Once you’ve made your first payment we'll guide you through the process.
I don’t have a registered domain. Can Subwoofr organise this for me?
Yes, if you don’t have a domain we will set one up and point it at your Subwoofr site, and better again, we’ll do it for free. We believe in the musician website and they should all be on artist domain names, not just extensions of other sites. Just contact us to organise this. You will own this domain after two months of payment have been made to Subwoofr.
Will my site be optimised for search engine optimisation (SEO)?
Yes, we automatically use strong titles, keywords and other SEO best practices. We also use special social media tags so your content looks great when people share it on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.
How do I get technical support if something goes wrong?
Please use our website chat function, email us at help@subwoofr.com or use our contact page.
Should I add a background image?
Your content is going to do the work and build a beautiful website. To commence building select a great background image. Most picture file types work including be JPEG, PNG, TIFF and GIF. Pictures can’t be greater than 5MB and landscape images work best.
Can I create a logo from Subwoofr?
Adding your logo will add to the branding of your site. You can add this as a picture, or create your own through our logo creator. Transparent images work best. If your image is not transparent it is likely you can edit this simply on www.lunapic.com where you upload your photo, select Edit > Transparent and select the area you want to make transparent. Another option is to download Paint.NET, which is a great free picture editing tool.
What is the best way to select fonts?
We offer a large selection of fonts, provided by Google. In order to view these fonts in words, sentences, paragraphs or poster view please go to www.google.com/fonts. It can be easier to make your selection from here to see what might work best for your site.
Can I change the audio and music settings?
You can adjust your music settings in Manage Content>Music. You can choose to allow 30-second or full length streaming of the music you upload to your site. You also have an option to auto play this music, and choose the album you wish to have playing, when a fan visits the site. Our player bitrate is 192kbps.
Should I upload by music?
Music can be added, reordered, edited and deleted under Manage Content>Music. We support WAV uploads. The reason we only support WAV is because these files are high-fidelity (lossless). By starting with the highest possible quality source, we’re able to convert your tracks to FLAC (lossless), MP3 (192kbps), AAC/MP4 (256kbps) and OGG Vorbis (320kbps). We store all metadata on this conversion making it simple for your fans to add albums to their media players, in the format they want. You must own or otherwise control all rights to the content you upload.
Does Subwoofr take any ownership rights in my music?
No. The only rights we take are the ones we need to run Subwoofr, e.g. the non-exclusive right to host your music, sell it on your behalf (if you choose to enable paid downloads), album artwork you add, etc.
Can I sell my music directly from my site?
Yes. The download options a purchaser will receive to download the song/album as FLAC (lossless), MP3 (192kbps), AAC/MP4 (256kbps) and OGG Vorbis (320kbps). We store all metadata on this conversion making it simple for your fans to add albums to their media players, in the format they want. You can also sell individual tracks and select minimum pricing, offering fans the ability to pay more if they choose to.
How much are transaction fees for digital sales?
Our payment processing provider is Stripe. This allows us make sales on your behalf in a seamless manner, with branding and fonts in line with your site. Fans are never taken off site to other payment portals. There are minor transaction fees on music sales of 5% + 35c (euro) to process payments and transfer proceeds into your account. This fee include taxes.
Must I pay taxes on my digital music sales?
As a service provider and under EU legislation, Subwoofr is liable to pay VAT on any digital content sales made to customers in the European Union. This is actually pretty complicated - we have to charge the VAT rate of the country the customer is in. We will determine if VAT must be collected for a customer at the time of checkout, and will add the appropriate amount to the transaction prior to payment. In short, you don't need to worry about tax on digital music sales, Subwoofr takes care of everything.
If I sell my music is it chart tracked?
We currently track sales to be included in UK and Ireland with our partner Gfk Chart Track. We are currently looking at ensuring your sales are also registered with Nielsen Soundscan, the largest source of sales records in the music industry.
What album codes do I need to get my music chart tracked and where do I get them?
If you want to ensure your being chart tracked, you need International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) codes for your songs and Universal Product Code (UPC) codes for your full album. In short, the ISRC identifies individual tracks while the UPC identifies the complete album. You can get more information here www.ppimusic.ie/about-ppi/isrc-codes.
How and when do I get paid when I make a sale?
Whenever you want. In Artist Manager select Manage Payments > Withdrawal. Once completed this will notify Subwoofr and will transfer all money owed at this point to you within 7 days. This delay is due to the fact that our payment processor takes 7 days to transfer money from sales to our account.
Can I also upload my music to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and so on?
Yes. We understand the value of having your music on these services. You do however receive much more of the proceeds (~95%) selling through your Subwoofr site so pushing sales from here is more profitable.
Can you get our music on iTunes, Spotify and other digital music services?
Currently not. However, we are considering this as a development feature.
Can I sell merchandise through my Subwoofr site?
Not currently. We are developing the functionality to add a merchandise store and this should be released shortly. If you already have a merchandise store, please contact us to see if we can link it in to your Subwoofr site.
How do I change navigation bar heading and page names?
You can enable and disable pages from Settings > Site Settings. Under Manage Website you can then change the name of each page as it appears in the navigation bar, and the heading that appears on the top of the page. This is done using the settings icon in the top right of each individual section.
Can I add social media and streaming widgets?
Currently not. We are considering developing widgets and embeds but this will only be done if we can keep the integrity of the site and enhance fan experience on the site. We do a lot of work to understand what fans require and look for in a musician website and will only develop features that enhance the website experience. If you want to discuss further, please contact us.
Did I see that Subwoofr has a label management/music manager tool?
Yes, with Subwoofr you can manage multiple sites, allowing you to post music, news, events etc. in one place, which will automatically show on both the artist page and the label page. If you're interested in this feature, please contact us.
What’s the story with gig requests?
On you events/tour page you can allow fans request gigs in certain areas. You will see all the data from these requests in Manage Website>Gig Requests. This was developed with the aim of getting fans engaging on your site and to allow you the opportunity to directly market to them if you are doing a gig/concert near them. Creating experiences like this for your fans will make them more likely to buy your music and engage with you in the future.
What payment methods do you accept?
We support the following debit and credit card (including prepaid cards) brands: Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We don't currently support PayPal, Bitcoin or other payment methods.
Do you offer any discounts for annual payments?
Yes. Pay annually and get a discount equalling 2 free months.
When is my payment method charged?
We process payments on an "authorise-and-charge" basis. When you enter your payment information, we will issue an authorisation to your issuing bank to ensure that your card is valid and has sufficient funds to pay for the transaction. If for some reason the process fails, your card will not be charged.
Does the price shown include taxes?
Yes. As a Company residing in the Republic of Ireland, we collect and pay Value Added Tax (VAT) on purchases made in the European Union. We use your payment method and IP address to determine what country you are in, and pay the relevant rate of VAT if applicable.
Will I get a receipt?
Yes, we will issue you with a payment receipt by email. If you require a VAT receipt, please contact us.
Can I pay in a currency other than Euro?
Unfortunately, not at this time. We are considering rolling out payments in other currencies in the future. Most credit and debit card providers will automatically convert the dollar amount into local currency and apply a small processing fee.
Is my payment information secure?
Yes - we take serious consideration of security in every aspect of our work. In fact, your payment information will never reach our servers - it is sent directly to our payment gateway, Stripe. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification available. Click here for more information about Stripe and security. Our own website uses HTTPS for all traffic for additional security.