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The Subwoofr Philosophy

At Subwoofr, we take great pride in our craft - computer software. Where others view programming and software engineering as a science, we believe it is an art, where people create amazing things that can enable and enhance the lives of others. We love software because it is perfectly positioned at the intersection of science and art, two fields that make this world the special place that it is.

This philosophy defines everything that we do - from early design concepts and user stories right through to engineering the solution, testing and deploying it in the wild. For a product to pass our extremely high standards, it must simultaneously be simple and powerful - making it easy to use for a beginner, but flexible enough for a power user. It must look beautiful, but not at the expense of function and user experience. We don't believe in design for the sake of design - every element of our products is carefully handcrafted for a specific purpose.

We're equally as passionate about music. We are huge music fans, and as a technology company, we are continuously thinking of new ways in which we can help music artists to get fairly rewarded and compensated for their craft. We started Subwoofr because we looked at the music industry and saw some major problems. Artists are producing more music and more content than ever before, but with each passing day it becomes increasingly difficult for them to make a living from their music. Touring is certainly one way to make money, but it doesn't scale effectively - an artist can only be in one place at any given time, and can only perform so many nights in a year.

Although we started Subwoofr as a business and hence to make money, we feel a sense of duty towards the music industry - a duty to help artists to earn the rewards that they deserve. Sure, we want to make money for ourselves, but more importantly we want to provide solutions that stop the overall value of the recording industry from shrinking each year. We love working in this industry - there is an energy among artists and businesses in the space that you just won't find in any other market. If you love music and technology, a role at Subwoofr will allow you to help us build technology solutions that have a positive impact on the music industry as a whole.


We currently have no vacancies, but if you think you're a good fit, reach out anyway, we'd love to talk.